Product Sourced:
Tractor parts: Friction welded Axle Spindles & assemblies & forgings; press fit Axle Spindle assemblies & forgings; Top Links, Super Links, Lowering Box components & assemblies; PTO Shaft/Adapters, Hydraulic Lift Shafts, Hydraulic Pump parts, Control/pressure Valves, Linkage parts, Friction welded parts, Spline Rolled parts, cast and forged parts etc. Railway Equipment parts: forged and machined parts-coupler assemblies, heavy duty nuts etc. Engineering/Pump industries: Machinery/machine building parts, Vertical turbine pump Housings, Inlet/outlet Bowls, Impellers, Bearing housings, plumber blocks, Phosphor Bronze Bearing shells and bushes, small machined components etc.
Unique Technology Products Sourced:
We source high precision and high security parts involving Friction welding and spline rolled hydraulic lift shafts to very close tolerances to buyers specs
Why Outsource?
Best cost countries like India offer cost savings to foreign buyers. We can reduce outsourcing costs drastically by networking between buyers and sellers based in best cost regions. Price advantage is tempting. But quality and reliability of timely supplies from best cost countries is a big question mark for buyers. We as a local agency know the local markets, business culture, costing, can decide who is fit to deliver quality goods on time and assist buyers in assessing the ground realities. Relying on manufacturer's quality system is good, but may not be sufficient. Third party pre-shipment inspection could be an additional counter check to ensure the quality.
Out Sourcing Services:
Vendor assessment & selection, facility and quality audit, Vendor registration formalities.
Processing of buyers enquiries, offer best prices to buyers, negotiations of price & terms.
Detailed quality audit, data processing of all aspects of sourcing, 1st sample inspection.
Pre-shipment approval. develop quality plan as per buyer's requirements, logistic support.
Assist manufacturers in quality development, cost optimization and train internal inspectors.
Quality Audit, Management & Quality Stamping:
We stamp samples as a mark of quality acceptance. We assist buyers in ensuring that the right quality parts are shipped by random pre-shipment inspection and on line quality system management at the vendors end to achieve quality in all facets of processing.
Present Vendor Base:
We have over 100 forging, foundry, machine shop companies on our data base spread over India. Our present vendors are located in Pune, Ahmednagar, Rajkot, Kolhapur, Coimbatore, Ludiana, New Delhi & Jodhpur in India.
Service Centres:
Our inspection engineers based in Mumbai, Pune & New Delhi are responsible to carry out pre-shipment inspection/approval & approval stamping before shipment.
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