The Company
AFRO PROJECTS & EXPORTS is promoted by a group of specialist engineers in the field of quality systems/assurance, production, product development and out-sourcing in forged, cast and machined components based in India.We offer many options & solutions to cut component cost without sacrificing on quality standards. We offer to work with buyers to achieve this goal on a win-win basis. We represent many English & European OE buyers (manufacturers) and undertake on their behalf, out-sourcing activities for the procurement of their forged, cast, metal and machined components for tractors, fork lifts, railway components and other engineering components..
AFRO PROJECTS & EXPORTS are Mumbai (India) based company engaged in outsourcing of metal components to overseas buyers. We could be your business partners to shore up your profits by cost reduction on your engineering components by procuring from India, one of the best cost countries. We offer you:

Custom built forged, cast metal and machined components for tractors, forklifts, auto parts and engineering parts.
Complete outsourcing services & functions including vendor/ product development and quality audit office in India.
Best priced components to international standards and we offer value & re-engineering services to Vendors & buyers.
Data processing in all aspects of outsourcing, vendor/product development, facility and quality audit, quality control & management on behalf of buyers.
We develop vendor’s quality systems, manage & maintain product quality.
Our Strengths
Manufacturing expertise in metallurgy, foundry, forging, metal & machined OE components & quality assurance services.
Local logistic support, reliable pre-shipment inspection and technology transfer, technical support to local vendors.
Guaranteed first sample approval in first try, pre shipment quality approval, development of quality plans, effective data processing in all facets of processing &     quality.
Our Mission
World class pre-shipment quality control eliminating buyer’s inspection on arrival.
Make it easy, simple and cost effective for buyers in UK/EU to outsource parts from India.
Offer cost advantages to buyers by best solutions in cost reduction in manufacturing.
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